Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

contoh-contoh kalimat simple past tense dan simple present tense

10 Contoh kalimat past tense 
  1. Did My Father buy this car last year ?
  2. Did they go to Tokyo last year ?
  3. She went to Bogor a week ago
  4. When did you buy that Magazine ?
  5. How did you meet your wife wife for the first time ?
  6. Did you come to her house last night ?
  7. He came with his wife yesterday
  8. Last Sunday, we went to Puncak together
  9. I never drunk coffee five years ago
  10. I did not sleep last night
10 Contoh kalimat present tense
1.   I help my mom in kitchen this morning
2.   She usually goes to school at 7 o’clock
3.   We don’t buy this cake
4.   Do you visit your uncle’s home today ?
5.   You have breakfast every morning
6.   Mr. ridwan goes to Surabaya every month
7.   i play football everyday
8.   I work at home
       9.   it is cold in winter 
10. I get up at 5.00

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